Without camera movement, films would be static and boring. The way the camera moves can tell your audience far more about your story.Over the years, many great directors have implemented their own unique camera styles to tell the stories in exciting and visual ways. Here are some great examples of camera movement.

5 Brilliants Moments of Camera Movement List:

  1. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
  2. 20th Century Women
  3. Marnie
  4. The Passenger
  5. The Candidate (short film by David Karlak)





5 Brilliants Moments of Camera Movement


A superb tutorial with 5 tips for colour grading and making your image look great using DaVinci Resolve.

5 Tips to take your colour grading to the next level – Davinci Resolve Tutorial


Less is more in film-making. Placing simple cues and details in your film can make your film-making truly poetic.






The Poetry of Details


How do you emphasise to your audience that something is important? You could, of course, cut to a close-up, but how about something less obvious?

Ensemble Staging


How do you shoot a conversation? Most likely, you’re going to block the actors, set up the camera, and do shot/reverse shot. But where do you put the camera? What lenses do you use? And how do you cut in the edit? Today, we look at the Coen brothers — Joel & Ethan — and see how these choices directly affect the feel of shot/reverse shot.



Joel & Ethan Coen – Shot/Reverse Shot

Superb character introductions in the movies.




10 Best Character Introductions of All Time


The way the camera moves can tell us more about a story and the relationships between the characters than you might think.





5 Brilliant Moments of Camera Movement

Here’s some insights to Martin Scorsese’s use of silence in his movies.

Martin Scorsese – The Art of Silence


See how the great Steven Spielberg uses long takes in his movies.


The Spielberg Oner

An excellent insight into the camera techniques of one of the greatest film directors, Akira Kurosawa.

Watch The Seven Samurai now for a few bucks and learn from a master!
Seven Samurai (English Subtitled)

Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement