Superb character introductions in the movies.




10 Best Character Introductions of All Time


The way the camera moves can tell us more about a story and the relationships between the characters than you might think.





5 Brilliant Moments of Camera Movement

Opening shots – can give massive insights to the film’s themes, characters, conflicts and key plot points.

Opening Shots Tell Us Everything

Here’s some insights to Martin Scorsese’s use of silence in his movies.

Martin Scorsese – The Art of Silence


Two students from Germany have made their own commercial for Johnnie Walker that has the whole Internet in tears. Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz are students at the Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg, who made the biggest tearjerker of the year.





Johnnie Walker – Dear Brother (2015)


As Tarantino once said, “I steal from every film ever made!”. And he does, and so does George Lucas. There’s nothing wrong with that either (providing you don’t steal the entire movie!). Anyway, many people have suggested that the Death Star attack sequence in Star Wars Ep IV is a steal from the Dambusters. Close. Apparently, Lucas said he was inspired by 633 Squadron. Check this out and decide for yourself!

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633 Squadron

Star Wars:- 633 Squadron?


If you want to see ‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’, but haven’t seen the first six Star Wars movies yet, then here’s your chance to catch up on the storyline in about three minutes.

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Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]

All Six Star Wars Movies Told In Just Three Minutes.


See how the great Steven Spielberg uses long takes in his movies.


The Spielberg Oner

An excellent insight into the camera techniques of one of the greatest film directors, Akira Kurosawa.

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Seven Samurai (English Subtitled)

Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement

John Truby is a screenwriter, director and screenwriting teacher. He has served as a consultant on over 1,000 film scripts over the past three decades, and is also known for the screenwriting software program Blockbuster (originally “Storyline Pro”).

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The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller

How To Make The Audience Care About Your Characters