Another review of the amazing JVC GY-LS300 4K Super-35mm camera

February 18, 2018 - All, Cinematography, Gear


The JVC GY-LS300 camcorder is one of a kind! This is the smallest, full-featured 4K camcorder on the market, with Super 35mm sensor, professional audio inputs and controls, and accessible switches for accessing key functions.

For those who have used high-end professional cameras, this is a like a big camera shrunk down.

Featuring a Micro Four Thirds mount, one can work with Micro Four Thirds lenses, or, via adapter use lenses from other manufacturers.
The GY-LS300 is an affordable camcorder than offers tremendous capabilities. Record 4K at 150 mbps to SDXC card, or record HD 4:2:2 over SDI, or 4K to external recorder over HDMI.

With the MFT mount, virtually every lens ever made can be attached (with the corresponding adapter) to this camera. Not only that, it offers a unique feature called Variable Sensor Mapping (VSM), which allows you to scale the active area of the sensor to match the lens you’re using. So, if you have some old C-mount 16mm lenses lying around, you can fit those and shrink the active area of the Super-35mm sensor down to the size of a 16mm film frame! If you have full-frame 35mm lenses, you can attach those and use VSM to provide a digital zooming capability – even with prime lenses!

Buy yours here: JVC GY-LS300CHU Ultra 4K HD 4KCAM Super 35 Pro Camcorder 

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