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Clamps are as important as gaffer tap when it comes to film-making. Here’s some great ideas for clamps that you can use when making your films.

Clamps can be used to clamp lights, flags, blackout, microphones – whatever you need clamped!

Clamps Used in Video Production


Luckily, three are a number of really good video editing programs which are free. Here’s a run-down of the free products reviewed here:-
1. Hitfilm 4 Express

2. DaVinci Resolve 12.5

3. VSDC Free Video Editor

4. Blender

5. Windows Movie Maker & iMovie

Linux suggestions: OpenShot, Pitivi, Cinelerra, Blender




Best Free Video Editing Software


A comprehensive introduction to DaVinci Resolve 12.5 video editing and grading suite, in under 35 minutes. DaVinci Resolve is not only very good, it is actually FREE! Download it from the link on the video above.




Resolve 12.5 Basics – DaVinci Resolve End-To-End Crash Course


Less is more in film-making. Placing simple cues and details in your film can make your film-making truly poetic.






The Poetry of Details


How do you emphasise to your audience that something is important? You could, of course, cut to a close-up, but how about something less obvious?

Ensemble Staging


How do you shoot a conversation? Most likely, you’re going to block the actors, set up the camera, and do shot/reverse shot. But where do you put the camera? What lenses do you use? And how do you cut in the edit? Today, we look at the Coen brothers — Joel & Ethan — and see how these choices directly affect the feel of shot/reverse shot.



Joel & Ethan Coen – Shot/Reverse Shot


DaVinci Resolve is an amazing editing software package, and even more so since it is FREE!

DaVinci Resolve offers video edting, colour grading and final delivery all in one neat product. You’d need to spend hundreds of dollars on other video editing programs to come anywhere close to the quality and capability of Resolve, but it’s all yours for $0.00! Really, there’s no strings attached!

Learn all the basics of DaVinci Resolve in just 12 minutes. Get your free copy from here.



DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Tutorial : Crash Course in 12 Minutes


The Panasonic G85 is a Micro 4/3 camera that shoots beautiful 4K video images.

Get full info and pricing here.

Panasonic G85 Video Review


An extremely effective lighting kit for under $150! Find the gear here:-

Neewer CN-304 – 304 LED Dimmable LED panel

Neewer CN-160 – 160 LED Dimmable LED panel

NP-750 Battery kit and charger

Light stand set

Neewer Professional 33″/84cm White Translucent Reflector Umbrella

Umbrella mount and cheaper version

ALZO Diffusion Fabric Nylon Silk White Light Modifier

The Best LED Lighting Set for Under $150?!


The Aperture Deity is a superb quality shotgun microphone available in two great value packages.

Get the basic kit here

Get the Pro kit here

Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone Review