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Johnnie Walker – Dear Brother (2015)
Two students from Germany have made their own commercial for Johnnie Walker that has the whole Internet in tears. [...]
Star Wars:- 633 Squadron?
  As Tarantino once said, “I steal from every film ever made!”. And he does, and so does George [...]
All Six Star Wars Movies Told In Just Three Minutes.
  If you want to see ‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’, but haven’t seen the first six [...]
The Spielberg Oner
  See how the great Steven Spielberg uses long takes in his movies.  
Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement
An excellent insight into the camera techniques of one of the greatest film directors, Akira Kurosawa. Watch The [...]
How To Make The Audience Care About Your Characters
John Truby is a screenwriter, director and screenwriting teacher. He has served as a consultant on over 1,000 film [...]
Bad Writers Have Nothing to Say
  Get Robert McKee’s best-selling book, ‘Story’, right here. Available on Kindle too.   [...]
Best Video Camera Rig Under $400
  Buy everything you need to build the Canon EOS M rig right here!  
Philip Bloom’s Review of the Canon C100